Guide to Buying the Right Blinds and Shutters

The rays of spring sunshine are one of the most anticipated phenomena. However, it does not take too long before we start fanning ourselves due to the heat that comes with the summertime, which has made it necessary to invest in the right window treatments. Such treatments do not only protect the homeowners from the ultraviolet rays of the sun but also ensure that the interior of the home is adequately protected.

Modern shutters and blinds come in different styles and colors and have become increasingly popular in recent times. This is so as they provide flexibility in the area of sun protection, while also adding to the beauty of a home.

wooden blinds for your windows

Trends in blinds and shutters

As mentioned earlier, this window treatment option comes in different styles, thanks to the ingenuity and creativity of blind and shutter companies. Colors like red, orange, yellow and delicious green seem to be getting back in style both in lacquered steel, textiles, and colored plexi.

Wooden Venetian blinds with cotton tapes are increasing in popularity, with neutral slat colors and different tapes in coastal blues expected to continue trending.

High gloss shutters in dark wenge or black and sliding shutter mechanism are also gaining popularity.

Essential Information about Blinds

Modern blinds do not just provide you with privacy, but new fabrics also offer protection from the sun, consequently eliminating faded fabrics or floors. This ensures that the room remains comfortable and calm, even without an air conditioning system.

If you intend reducing glare, it is advised to go for sheer fabrics, as they provide a modern and more effective alternative to nets. Mid-tone grey, white, and mesh blinds are excellent choices for privacy and sun protection.

Types of Blinds

Blinds come in different forms such as roller blinds, vertical blinds, and Venetian blinds. Roller blinds are famous for providing exceptional protection against heat and light while giving the room an uncluttered, neat look.

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are particularly significant for high windows and doors, as they now come in a range of patterns, sheers, and metallic.

Venetian blinds are great for filtering or entirely cutting out the light. Wood Venetians match well with floorboards. However, if you are daring, the multicolored slats will be perfect for achieving a modern look.

Roman blinds have also become a staple option for relatively larger windows, while panel systems, otherwise known as Kyoto Panels bring in some versatility to window treatments.

Essential Information about Blinds

The shutters market has witnessed tremendous growth in the last couple of years, with people opting for the clean, minimalist alternative of shutters as opposed to curtains. While some blind and shutter companies offer bespoke services that provide custom shutters to customers, others offer ready-made shutters.

Shutters are made using different materials, with the choice of material highly dependent on the customer’s budget.

Plantation-style shutters remain one of the most versatile options, featuring louvers that help in minimizing heat from the sun. They come in a wide range of colors and materials, providing privacy and ventilation to users.

While using a rod on the outside of the shutter is a traditional way of opening and closing louvers, companies have improved on the design of shutters to provide unknown mechanisms and remote-controlled shutters for a contemporary finish.

Types of Shutters

Like other window treatment options, shutters come in different forms including café-style shutters, double-hung shutters, and full-height shutters.

  • Café-style shutters are somewhat unique, as they are hung only on the bottom half of the window. They are also more cost-effective compared to other types of shutters as they only cover half the window. They help to ensure privacy while allowing some light into the room.
  • Double-hung shutters or tier-on-tier have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their versatility. With two independent sets hung one above the other, this type of shutters provides excellent flexibility to users.
  • Full-height shutters are particularly significant for relatively taller windows, with a dividing rail either halfway or sometimes at a natural break in the window. This allows the louvers at the bottom half and top to move independently.

Blinds and Shutters come in different styles and designs, and making a decision might be sometimes difficult due to the plethora of choices available. Therefore, it is advised that you work with a right blind and shutter company for the most suitable style for you.

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